Do you know very few strollers are built to last? If you don’t want to regret it later, then you must read this before investing in buying a Stroller.

How to Fold Bob Stroller?

Do you know Bob Strollers are very popular and available in several varieties? Some of the most lovable varieties are Jogging Strollers, Double Strollers, and Single Strollers.
They are very well known for their durable wheels and because of this feature, these are perfect for an outside hike. People with an active lifestyle always prefer Bob Strollers as they are suitable for any terrain, that is why these strollers are designed keeping in mind all such kinds of customers.
As far as durability is concerned these Bob strollers are considered the best among all other competitors further their wheels are built for going off-road.
Since Bob strollers are a little bit more expensive than other strollers therefore reselling is also possible in case it does not meet your requirements.
These are general instructions for folding Bob Strollers but it is assured that it will work with most of the models.

Always Empty the Bob Stroller First

It is highly recommended to empty all storage compartments completely before folding the stroller otherwise you’ll need to unfold it again if storage compartments are not completely checked.

Set the Parking Brakes

Secondly set the parking brakes and make sure the stroller does not move when you start folding.

Folding up a Single Bob Stroller

For folding a single bob stroller you need to push in on the handlebars, and keep pushing them towards the middle from the outside. Once these are pushed into place, you’ll see a little red handle will pop up in the rear of the stroller. Push on this, and all done now you can fold your BOB stroller. 

Folding up a Double Bob Stroller

The method of folding up a double BOB stroller is somewhat very much similar to folding up a single BOB stroller. Just you need to grab and squeeze the red buttons on both sides of the handlebars.
Then, you push the stroller into a downward position. Just like the single stroller, a red handle will appear in the back. Pull this handle towards you, and the stroller will finish collapsing.

Final Words

The method of folding a Bob stroller is simple but do remove all stuff from the storage compartment before proceeding with folding Bob Stroller. In short Bob strollers are best for all terrain. Need to know more about all-terrain strollers.